The Macula Foundation

Dedicated to the prevention and restoration of vision loss due to macular disease


Client: The Macula Foundation

Focus: Brand Identity + UX Design + Web Development

For over 40 years, the Macula Foundation has committed to a mission of preventing and restoring vision loss by raising awareness and furthering knowledge in the macular disease field. Since its founding, the organization has successfully raised and distributed over 50 million dollars towards this purpose.

With the understanding that strong branding and digital presence were the next steps to expanding their successes, The Macula Foundation approached our team for a new logo and website design.

Our main goal was to translate the organization’s story, history and mission into a distinctive logo and impactful website. The Macula Foundation’s existing logo consisted of the full name on a single line, which looked unwieldy because of its long length. The existing website was also difficult for general audiences to navigate because of its overly-academic content and lack of visuals.  

Since The Macula Foundation needed their message to reach everyone, not simply academics or physicians, our team’s task was to design and build a new and compelling brand identity and website for a broader audience.

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Design Leads: Sean K.

Tech Leads: Rob R.

Project Management: Danielle R.

Design: Sean K.

Development: Rob R.

Plano / TX

7950 Legacy Dr. Ste 400 / Plano / TX 75024

Fort Lee / NJ

440 West St. Ste 319 / Fort Lee / NJ 07024