OE Acronyms

Built by Ophthalmic Professionals Around the World


Client: Ophthalmic Edge

Focus: Concept, Creative Direction, Design, Technical Strategy, Frontend Development, Backend Development, Mobile Application Development, Admin Portal Development

OE Acronyms was born of Ophthalmic Edge, a non-profit organization committed to educating the ophthalmic community. This newest venture was led by a nationally renowned and respected physician Dr. Yale Fisher, who has first-hand experience with the confusion and ambiguity of acronyms in medical charts. Dr. Fisher had a vision for an app dedicated to helping medical professionals and students quickly reference ophthalmic acronyms wherever they went, whether that was a medical conference, a lecture, or during their morning rounds.

To execute our client’s vision, Kairos had one main goal: combine our client’s professional expertise with user-friendly features and an intuitive app layout. The app needed to be full of information, but it also needed to be fast, accurate, and easily accessible.


To collect complex acronyms in diverse field of ophthalmic studies from professionals across multiple countries, to be organized and instantaneously presented to users in the most easy, streamlined way possible.


OE Acronyms saw a full launch of the app, the landing page, and the admin portal exactly 3 months after the project’s kickoff. The app was positively received by other industry professions and its users, and since the launch in July 2020, the user base has steadily increased.

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Design Leads: Sean Kim

Tech Leads: Rob Ragul

Project Management: Julianna Rice

Design: Sean Kim, Hanh Ly

Development: Rob Ragul

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