OE Acronyms

Built by Ophthalmic Professionals Around the World

The Summary

Client: Ophthalmic Edge

Focus: Concept, Creative Direction, Design, Technical Strategy, Frontend Development, Backend Development, Mobile Application Development, Admin Portal Development


To collect complex acronyms in diverse field of ophthalmic studies from professionals across multiple countries, to be organized and instantaneously presented to users in the most easy, streamlined way possible.

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Crafting the Strategy

To fully understand the project and our client’s vision, we conducted a strategy session at the start of the project. This was necessary to understand the client’s intentions and expectations for the app, as well as those of the end-user.

Understanding the End-Users

First and foremost, OE Acronyms is intended to help ophthalmic professionals by providing accurate information from a reputable and verifiable source. The end-user is likely working with or studying patient charts, and it’s absolutely imperative that they have the information they need to succeed — whether that’s by deciphering the acronyms on a patient’s medical chart, or understanding an obscure acronyms used in a lecture or case study.

To fully understand the needs of the end-user, we worked with the OE Team to create user profiles. We asked questions about their demographic, their psychographic, and the challenges they would most likely encounter in their profession day-to-day.

Once we understood the end-user with more clarity, we were able to create a landing page with a sleek, modern look. This would appeal to the professionalism of users in the medical industry, and emphasize the functionality of the app in everyday settings.

Our understanding of the end-user became the foundation of the design of the app. Because the search functionality was paramount to the success of the project, the app was design to open directly to the “search” feature. Additionally, users are always only one touch away from accessing the search function.

Shaping the Brand

Because Opthahlmic Edge has trusted Kairos Design with multiple projects, we started the OE Acronyms project with a clear understanding of the brand identity and positioning. OE Acronyms, being an extension of the parent non-profit, was always meant to cater to ophthalmic professionals and students. Our creative team designed a stylescape that covered the overarching visual direction of the extended brand identity from Ophthalmic Edge, and successfully maintained consistency throughout the brand.

The Process
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The Result

OE Acronyms’ users are able to save time and face in their high-speed, highly competitive environment. Users can attend medical lectures on case studies and clinical trials, and understand the topic even if the speakers refrence acronyms they weren’t initially familiar with, and medical interns and residents can impress their more competitive peers during morning rounds. Our end-users are able to easily interpret their patients’ medical charts even when they transfer from other hospitals.

The app was well-received, and the medical professionals who lent their proven knowledge within their respective specialties to the project were also happy to lend their recommendations. Since the launch, the app has grown to include over 1,500 different ophthalmic acronyms from more that 30 experts and medical professionals from across the globe, and receives additional suggestions weekly.


Design Leads: Sean Kim

Tech Leads: Rob Ragul

Project Management: Julianna Rice

Design: Sean Kim, Hanh Ly

Development: Rob Ragul

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