MEK Review

Confidently guiding students to a lifetime of success.

The Summary

Client: MEK Review

Focus: Strategy, Brand Identity, UX Design, Web Development, Marketing


Create brand guidelines that were universal yet versatile for the brand’s many programs, courses and events. Implement messaging and branding in marketing and creative production across digital, print and in-person touchpoints.

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Crafting the Strategy

Kairos held a core strategy session with the team at MEK Review to develop the brand’s strategy going forward.

Over the course of the facilitated workshop, the Kairos team identified the organization’s main challenges, main customer personas, as well as the highest-priority needs and goals at hand. These findings laid the framework for MEK Review’s branding and marketing strategy.

Understanding the Customers

MEK Review is, first and foremost, a trusted, go-to place in the community for academic excellence. It’s where parents drop off their kids, reassured that they will be coached to their fullest potential. To fully step into the shoes of these customers, we designed custom user profiles featuring their demographics, psychographics, challenges and needs.

We knew this was going to be a large task, and couldn’t have been more excited to shape MEK Review’s story. Over the upcoming months, our team committed our talents on many fronts: branding, digital marketing, creative production, editorial, and more.

Shaping the Brand

Through facilitated exercises in our strategy session, we aligned on major qualities of MEK Review’s brand. This established the brand’s fundamental makeup — how it should universally look, sound, act and feel.

Brand Positioning

Getting a deep understanding of what stands at the heart of MEK Review’s brand, helped us to craft a positioning statement for the organization. This would serve as the roadmap for every marketing, messaging and creative move going forward.

Refreshing the Brand

Kairos designed a set of guidelines to ensure that the brand was consistent across the organization’s numerous programs, courses, and channels. The brand refresh included: a logo update, new color palette, new typefaces, and custom design elements and marks. This drove a comprehensive and connected experience for customers interacting with MEK Review, both in-person, as well as digitally.

The Process
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The Result

April 2020: Gold Award in Muse Creative Award


Design Leads: Sean Kim

Marketing Leads: Bonnie C.

Marketing Assistants: Julianna R., Kevin K., Hannah A., Alex W.

Tech Leads: Rob R.

Project Management: Angela M.

Design: Amy S. Sean K.

Development: Rob R.

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